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The Bosom Buddy provides soothing warm and cooling relief for breastfeeding mothers. It assists with the discomfort causes by engorgement, blocked milk ducts, mastitis, swelling and general breast tenderness and when weaning. It can also help to stimulate milk flow when heat is applied prior to breastfeeding or using a breast pump.

Recommended by lactation consultants, the Bosom Buddy is professionally contoured to fit the breast with a soft a flexible design for maximum comfort. It maintains temperature for up to one hour. Gel packs are non toxic, hypoallergenic and completely safe to use.
  • Breast gel pads for warming and cooling relief
  • Provides natural and safe pain relief
  • Contoured shape with soft and flexible design for maximum comfort
  • Temperature maintained for up to an hour
  • Kept in place by nursing bra
  • Reusable and simple to use
2 per pack.

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Saved me!
Posted by Emily on 13th Nov 2012
I had terrible engorgement when my milk came in with both my sons. For my second son I was anticipating it and I got 2 pairs of these. I kept one set in the freezer and the other set on my boobs, then swapped them over when they got warm. Instant, priceless relief. Fantastic. Saved my sanity in those first few weeks.

These work
Posted by Danika on 21st Sep 2011
They help a lot with blocked ducts, very good. Also I use them before I start expressing with a breastpump to get things flowing.


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